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MLSBD-2022: Best movie website Hindi Dubbed and Bengali movie download

We have heard about many torrent websites, which we can download our favorite movies. There is a popular Hindi Dubbed and Bengali torrent website called Mlsbd which is popular for downloading movies. The website is also good at facilitating Bangladeshi people to download movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. This is an illegal torrent website that has been banned by the government but is still operated by some unknown handlers. 

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About MLSBD hompage

MLSBD is a public torrent website that leaks Pirated Bangali, Hindi Dubbed Movie, Bollywood Movie Download and Hindi Webseries Online MLSBD in This website uploads pirated versions of Hindi, Marathi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam movies and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. The website provides users with some of the best features such as HD movie downloading and live streaming videos. With all these features, this torrent website is popular among all users of the internet and those who are into downloading movies for fun or work.

Features of MLSBD website

MLSBD is a public torrent website that leaks Pirated Bangali, Hindi Dubbed Movie, Bollywood Movie Download and Hindi Webseries Online. This website uploads pirated versions of Hindi, Marathi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam movies and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. Here are some of the special features in mlsbd homepage.

  1. MLSBD allows you to watch TV shows and movies on the same day of release.
  2. The website has a search bar where you can select the desired movie.
  3. It has an easy to use layout that is made even for new users.
  4. It allows you to download online videos of various genres and languages.
  5. Many filters and categories also allow you to download movies in regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Punjabi and Marathi.
  6. You can also download movies in dual audio format.
  7. The website is free to use and without any registration or subscription.
  8. MLSBD has its own application that can be downloaded on all your devices, both iOS and Android.

Movie categories on MLSBD website 

Movies in MLSBD are divided into categories so that you can quickly find your favorite movies.

  • HD movies
  • Latest Movies
  • Web series
  • bengali movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Hindi Movies

Genres of movie on MLSBD homepage

  • Short films
  • Experimental Movies
  • Sci-fi Movies
  • Romance
  • Thriller Movies
  • Epic Movies
  • War Movies
  • Animation Movies
  • Movie Adjustments
  • Historical Movies
  • Biographical Movies
  • Documentary Movies
  • Spy Movies
  • Western Movies
  • Adventure Movies
  • Action and Adventure Movies
  • Fantasy Movies
  • Horror Movies
  • Music Movies etc

Best URL mirror link of MLSBD homepage

Since MLSBD is a piracy website, the government bans it every time. That's why the links have been changed. Some of those active links are given below.

  • MLSBD in
  • MLSBD me
  • mlsbd.co.in
  • mlsbd.info
  • mlsbd.org
  • mlsbd.lol
  • mlsbd.site
  • mlsbd.website
  • mlsbd.buzz
  • mlsbd.vip
  • Mlsbd.movies
  • Mlsbd.wiki
  • Mlsbd.tv
  • Mlsbd.freenews
  • Mlsbd.fun
  • Mlsbd.trade
  • Mlsbd.bid
  • Mlsbd.cc
  • Mlsbd.to
  • Mlsbd.me
  • Mlsbd.link
  • Mlsbd.trend
  • MLSBD movie
  • MLSBD.com
  • MLSBD.nl
  • MLSBD me

How to download movies from MLSBD homepage

Downloading or streaming movies from Mlsbd is quite simple. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access to the working domain of the website.

Step 2: Type the name of the movie you want to download in the search bar.

Step 3: Select the movie format ranging from 360p, 480p, 720p to 1080p.

Step 4: Now you will be redirected to the download link of the desired movie.

Step 5: Click the Download button below the movie thumbnail. And Save the video to a specific location on your device.

Best similar websites like MLSBD

Here are other illegal torrent websites like MLSBD that leak movies. whose names we have given below.


Todaypk is an illegal torrent site, that publishes pirated movies, TV series, web series, OTT original web series, OTT original movies. Since it is illegal content, the law prohibits a person from accessing such websites. Just like mlsbd. This site has been ban by most countries, because each country has its own control mechanism to prevent such websites from loading in their country.


This website is populated with a plethora of titles to watch series online free movies, CMovies' database is made up of almost all the latest movies in different resolutions depending on their availability just like mlsbd. For instance, some videos are in 720p, while others are in CAMRip. However, if you're not too picky about image quality, this could be one of the best series online free movies website for you.


When we talk about the quality of movies, the SeeHD comes in the best mlsbd similar site. SeeHD' is known for streaming movies and TV shows in high quality. This website is best for you if you also like to watch movies only in HD quality. This website streams movies and TV shows in HD quality content. It is completely free. It doesn't take a token from you to stream high quality movies and TV shows.


YesMovies is an excellent free streaming  Movie4u similar site. The site features documentaries, movies, TV series and much more, giving you a convenient way to stream online. It also offers movies from different countries to make sure you can watch new and entertaining movies. Apart from that, you can watch "Top mlsbd" movies and series with ratings. This way you can be sure that you are watching a great movie.


It is the best movie site where you can watch and download quality movies online just like mlsbd. The site has a significant number of movies and they routinely redesign the database for new videos and movies. You can easily watch movies without registering or creating an account or information exchange. The site is completely free so you can watch your most loved movies on your devices. The best thing about this site is that they have a great framework that will effortlessly find your most loved movies to watch.


This site is the best source for streaming movies and TV shows and you can stream so many movies on it. The services that Vidics offers are the best when we talk about the best mlsbd similar website. Since we can watch movies on it and get information about movies and actors who work in movies, this is the best feature on this website. Before you can stream movies on this site, you need to download Flash Player and DivX Player.


This is a website that has suitable homepage similar to mlsbd site. This website also makes it possible to download bollywood, hindi Movies Free online. The platform is fully serviced for Tollywood movies and Bollywood movies, so you don't have to waste time browsing through different sections of other movie genres.
When you choose Tollywood from the edition, you will find the content of Telugu trailers, Tollywood gallery, Telugu movies and reviews, Telugu TV series and shows.


Movierulz is a famous torrent sites that individual use to watch and download movies for free. All content is in HD quality. Despite ban on this site, just like mlsbd. The website continues to operate and function smoothly. There is a huge collection of latest and old Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bollywood and Hollywood movies. And also, you can also watch TV series, web series on is homepage.


FZMovies homepage allows users to watch and download premium movies for free just like Movie4u. You can download the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi movies, TV series and many more for free. In this website you can download free TV shows and movies in HD, 3GP and MP4. Movies on this website are categorized in different tabs for easy access and also to reduce the search for the right movie genre.


Although SolarMovies is new in the industry, it is gaining popularity as one of the best sites to watch full movies online for free. The free movie streaming site offers a lot of high quality links; SolarMovies allows users to login to receive current updates, just like Movie4u.


Movies4K has an exceptional user interface that makes it easy to choose your next marathon movie or TV series to binge watch. The site has multiple categories that allow you to pick a movie of your choice within minutes. Movie4k is one of the top site like Movie4u to watch online movies. Movie4K has its distinctive features. It comes with a complete package that excites its viewers. From providing a user-friendly interface to supporting another language that suits you or your country. And many feature more.


It is one of the best mlsbd  similar site, that offer free new movies online. This website is responsible for providing easy access to users to download free copied videos from anywhere in the world.

A person can easily find the movies and shows on the website by browsing the comprehensive content available on this website. GoMoviesHD is connected to several other piracy websites that also offer Hindi dubbed movies free in HD quality content. GoMoviesHD is considered by the online users as one of the largest online portals and most popular website for downloading free Hollywood and Netflix movies or TV series. On these websites, users can not only download content for free, but they can also view the content online through various stream points.


Watching movies for free has come to a whole new level if you want to watch movies and download them to your device, this website is a good one for you. They don't just offer those normal quality movies that you could think of. They offer movies everywhere in very good quality, in fact in HD quality. All these services that they provide to the public are provided completely free of charge. This is one of the top mlsbd similar site.


Stream4u is one of the top Movie4u website similar site. This movie streaming site is simple and packed with free movies and TV shows as soon as you arrive at the site. This site has no on-click ads when you are inactive or click on other movies on the website. It left a good impression that the site was focused on visitor satisfaction. More of that, to stream movies is very simple, click and play. Soon the site will become one of the most famous movie streaming sites. Videos are HD quality and it is easier to download movies because it is an open source site. Less ads, less hassle.


123Movies is a very popular movie streaming website that allows you to quickly discover and stream high quality movies.similar to mlsbd. It has the world's largest movie collection, which is constantly updated with new releases to ensure you are always up to date. 123Movies has a user-friendly interface and automatically recommends the most recent, trending and most watched movies, saving you precious time when looking for a great movie. One of the best movies on this movie streaming site is the variety of sorting options, including genres, years, and country, which help you find your favorite content.


If you're looking for a mlsbd similar site, that streams the latest movies, try filmy4wap. It is One of the popular websites for downloading pirated movies and other material from media files. In this site you can download HD Bollywood movies, Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies, Tollywood and Kollywood movies and other free movies in regional languages.


When it comes to mlsbd similar site, you can also consider checking out bolly4u. It allows you to watch full-length movies with excellent video and sound quality. You can find all the movies curated by main categories like Ratings, Top IMDb and many more.  The movies are based on genres so users can navigate and then choose the one they want to download.

Frequently Asked Questions about MLSBD homepage

1. Is it legal to download movies from MLSBD?

It is NO. In many other countries, including the US and UK, MLSBD and other pirate sites are banned. It is a crime for you to download and watch movies on these sites, and you should be aware of this. Under copyright law, it is a criminal activity to upload content from another person/company and sell it to the buyer without the owner's permission.

2. How soon will MLSBD release a new movie?

MLSBD publishes both old and new movies on its website. This illegally banned website takes the movie and uploads it to its website when it's released in theaters. When the current movie is released, users can get the latest movie download links from the illegal MLSBD website very quickly. We therefore recommend that you do not watch or download movies on these illegal sites.

3. What are the Best Legal MLSBD Alternatives?

MLSBD provides illegal access to premium video content available on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, and Hulu. If you want to watch movies and series legally, go directly to these platforms. These platforms offer content when you buy their subscription, but the content is unique and worth spending money.

4. What are the available formats on MLSBD?

Download movies in formats like HD, 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, etc. The available file sizes on this platform are 150MB, 250MB, 350MB, 450MB, 700MB, 1.2GB respectively.

5. How to Unblock MLSBD?

If you want to unlock an illegal platform, you need to use a VPN service. If you want to unblock MLSBD, using a VPN is a smart option. VPN not only provides access to illegal platforms but also protects your device and important data from hackers. Malware and viruses are also blocked when you use a VPN as it helps hide your IP address and gives you secure access to the internet.

6. Does MLSBD transmit viruses?

The illegal websites have a lot of pop-up ads that can lead you to malware sites or annoying notifications. To avoid these pop-up ads, it is recommended that you do not click or accept notifications as this will help protect you from viruses and other malware.


Richrite.com do not support pirate sites, for it is against the law. For this information provide about MLSBD similar websites to download movie. Is strictly for educational purpose. We are strictly against websites promoting piracy. 

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