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4 Myths About Guest Posting

Whenever you come across the term "Guest Posting", a lot of negative things come your way. Let me explain this. These are all just myths that can destroy your motivation, don't believe them.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a habit to drive traffic to your website. It means that you are publishing posts on the website or blog of a high authority that will direct some of their audience to your blog. It may help you in the long run, but there are a lot of rumors going around about guest posting.

Waste of time and content

Many people see submitting the guest post as "pouring your precious water bottle into a river". They believe it is a waste of your precious time and content to put in a lot of work to create a high quality blog post just for guest posting. Even if you could manage to guest post on a high authority blog, it still won't pay you back.

But the fact is that the website that generates huge amount of traffic on a daily basis can provide you with significant traffic even if it were a small part of their total audience.

His era is over

A famous myth about guest posting is that the era is now over. It is dead or dying and soon it will come to an end. How can dying things benefit a person? High authority blogs no longer accept guest posts.

But the fact is, it's not dead. High-end websites have just upgraded their criteria to maintain the quality of the content. Guest posting is not an easy pie. You will have to work hard, polish your writing and create pure gold in order to be acquainted with gold lovers. The competition is fierce because many people are trying to reach this milestone, you will have to work differently to succeed.

A high personal reputation is required

A huge group of people think you need to have a good reputation in the industry for your guest post to succeed. You must have connections with the owners and executives of the websites where you want to guest post. They only allow their students or interns to guest post.

Fact is contrary to that myth. Why should someone guest post to attract an audience when they already have enough audience and reputation? The only requirement is to provide content that can meet the criteria of their required quality.

Your job is to publish a post

One misconception people have in their minds about guest posting is that your job is to create a post, pitch it on the blog, and get it published.

The reality is you have to follow. You need to share it with your social media platforms, engage the public and stay in touch with them. Read their comments and answer them. Even if they have criticisms, answer them logically and politely and you will see that you make those people your regular readers.


There are many myths and rumors about guest posting. When you listen to it, you stop before you start. Give it a try, draw your own conclusion and then decide further. Once you get into it, you'll reap the benefits of your efforts in the long run.

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