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What Clothes Do Fashion Designers Wear?

 The question everyone asks themselves about what clothes fashion designers wear often starts with, "What is style?" After all, the definition of style is completely relative to the person wearing it. So when people ask what clothes fashion designers wear, they are actually asking what clothes fashion designers think are fashionable or stylish. And even if they don't know exactly what is considered stylish or fashionable, they still know which clothes look good on them.

New dress or new style

How do fashion designers come up with the idea for a new dress or style? One way they can answer this question is by thinking about what they would like to see themselves wearing. Many fashion designers start by taking a casual outfit and turn it into something more fashionable or stylish. For example, a dress that a woman wears at a wedding can become a cocktail dress at a cocktail party. A dress that a woman would normally wear for a formal occasion can be transformed into a casual cocktail dress on a casual day out by a pool.

fashion shows

Most of the designers also start attending various fashion shows such as M3 Girls Designs on Shark Tank TV show. They like to go to fashion shows because they can see what other people are wearing. What do women wear in New York or Los Angeles? These are important things to note because what clothes fashion designers design reflects what people are already wearing.

Conversations with fashion consultants

Another way designers learn which clothes look good on people is by talking regularly with fashion consultants, clothing experts and women in general. Women attending fashion shows or parties can give designers ideas on what clothes to design. It's almost an insider's guide to what clothing designers should be designing.

Know popular style

When designing what clothes, fashion designers, as well as designers of the future generation, think of the public for the clothes they design. The style of clothing in one country or area may differ from what is worn in another country or area. It is important to know which styles are currently popular. The designs of dresses should reflect these current trends.

Skinny Jeans Style

When men and women get together and discuss what clothes fashion designers are designing, they need to make sure that the concept they have in mind is not only unique but also achievable. Sometimes what they think is a great idea can actually turn out to be disastrous. For example, if the designers do a line about skinny jeans, they may find that no one wants skinny jeans. There must be a market for skinny jeans.

Watch fashion magazines

Fashion designers should take the time to browse fashion magazines to see what is popular. This is a way to get an idea of ​​what clothes fashion designers design. When looking at what clothing designers are wearing, it is also important to pay attention to the styles and colors. When designing clothes, it is important to consider the type of shoes that the person will wear under their outfit. It can be quite tricky to come up with a unique design when there are already so many similar outfits out there. However, there are certain characteristics that they all share, regardless of their style or color.

Final Thought

Designers who are responsible for what clothes fashion designers wear must ensure that the patterns they choose are appropriate for what they are designing. The colors of clothes also play a big role in the clothes that fashion designers wear. Pastels are popular when it comes to the clothes that fashion designers wear. However, dark colors may be more appropriate for what they are designing.


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