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Tags to Add Before Uploading a Game on F95Zone

 F95Zone has come up with a very systematic way for its users to upload content on the website for better accessibility. Before the content, especially F95zone games, art, comics and animations, is made public, the moderators screen it to approve or deny the upload request.

Failure to follow the upload rules will result in the moderators' rejection of the content. When it comes to adult games, F95zone has a huge collection of them. It can become difficult for users to browse through all the games in search of the one they like. For example, F95Zone ensures that uploaders use two types of tags, a prefix tag and a normal tag.

Prefix Tags

The prefix tags are attached when uploading a post. Here are some prefix tags and why they can be used:

Visual Novel: Games that are more focused on the storyline rather than the gameplay have minimal choices and mostly dialogue based choices should have this tag.

Non-UN: Games with more standard and clearer gameplay with the optimal number of choices have this tag.

Completed: Games that the developers have confirmed are completed and will not receive future updates will have this tag.

On Hold: If the developer has confirmed that the game is now on hold, i.e. will not receive updates as of now, but will in the future, it will be listed under this tag.

Abandoned: If developers have confirmed that they have abandoned a game or the game has not received any kind of updates in the last three months, it will be considered abandoned and will fall under this prefix tag.

Normal tags

The normal tags indicate what the game is about, as well as its theme and type. The regular tags are divided into four categories: technical tags, sexual tags, non-sexual tags, and others.

The technical tags consist of the tags that indicate what type of game it is. F95Zone specifies that the technical tags have the highest priority for each thread and that the user should take the time to tag them correctly. Here are some examples of technical tags:

Mobile game: When an official iOS/Android version of the game is available.

Character Creation: Used when the user can create his or her character in a game.

Multiple protagonists: When the game has two or more protagonists.

Text-based: When the game is primarily text-based.

Voiced: When the game has voice acting.

The sexual content tags are used to specify sexual acts, fetishes, etc. in the games. The tags are mostly self-explanatory and can be found in the Tags Rules And List thread. Non-sexual tags are used to specify the type and theme of the games. Here are some examples of the non-sexual tags:

Dystopian Setting: When the game takes place in a dystopian world that is unwanted, dilapidated, or violent as a result of a catastrophic event.

Mind Control: When the game has characters who can force someone to do something against their will through mind controlling powers.

Paranormal: When paranormal elements such as ghosts are present.

The Other section contains tags to be used in the Asset Releases section.


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