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How can automatic call dialer help you cut your call center costs?

Outbound call centers are the engagement vehicle for companies. They are a hub of activity surrounding marketing, outreach, and information dissemination efforts. However, it often gets challenging for large outbound call centers to reach out to all customers, within a timeframe. A survey by Gartner found that disengagement is prevalent among customer service representatives which leads to high representative turnover and poor customer experiences.
automatic call dialer
The Gartner research revealed:
  • Only 1 in 3 representatives are engaged
  • Disengaged representatives are 84% more likely to think of quitting or actively looking for a new job
  • Disengaged reps perform 3 times as many high-effort behaviors when resolving customer issues
  • The average cost of turning over a single rep is $14,113

The overall impact is felt by the organization on both fronts—customer dissatisfaction and employee turnover cost. One of the most effective ways to bring efficiency in operations is automation. Call centers using automatic call distribution (ACD) can increase productivity significantly.Engaged customer service agents are likely to have meaningful customer interactions.
  • ACD increases agent productivity by a whopping 200%-300%.
  • They cut downtime greatly in outbound processes like sales calls, lead generation, follow-up calls, cross-selling, up-selling, customer service, surveys, and market research.

We will look at different kinds of auto-dialers used in a call center, and why ACD in a call center makes a viable commercial solution.

Key auto dialers used in call centers for automation:

    1. Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer is an automated dialing system for outbound calls that dials multiple numbers from the customer contact list. It can reduce time on unproductive tasks-- voicemail, no response phone calls, busy phone signals, unusable or disconnected numbers, and so on.
  • Better time management by automated dialing
  • Improved productivity by reducing call connection time
  • Efficient management of leads with inbuilt lead management software
  • Callbacks can be easily scheduled and managed based on the call patterns and the availability of the agents
  • Music/Message on-Hold as this dialing software supports music and pre-recorded greeting messages
  • Real-time call monitoring the call center agents get the appropriate data about the caller that helps them to make better conversations.
  • Standardized report generation is an extremely beneficial tool for the financial services sector that generates detailed data on calls and agents.

    2. Preview dialer

The Preview dialer allows agents to view customer details before the call, so they can offer more personalized services and attain higher conversion rates.

    3. Progressive dialer

The Progressive dialer is a sequential dialing method, which connects to the next customer once the agent completes the call. This helps to reduce call abandonment rates and is useful for the premium segment of customers.

These are the three most used call center dialers that automate outbound calling. With the knowledge of key dialers, you can understand how these dialers help outbound call centers.

Key Advantages of auto dialers in automation of tasks:

  • Expedite Outbound Calling
  • Reduced agent idle time
  • Boost sales conversion
  • Run multiple marketing campaigns
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting

Why should you choose HoduCC call center software?

When you decide to upgrade ACD software, the first question is suitability and expense. Fortunately, HoduCC Call center software has a comprehensive suite of inbuilt tools to provide you a cost-effective solution. The HoduCC outbound call center software is a one-in-all product, which offers a host of add-on features and integrations so you can maximize your returns. To aid further, HoduCC can be customized as per your need, whether you are in the financial or healthcare services, make the most of it.

Hodusoft's intelligent auto dialer overcomes shortcomings in programming or manual dialers. Customized algorithms make your dialer work smarter by determining when a call is nearing completion and auto dialing a number. Smart auto dialers do not stick to a list, they are programmed to assign the call to an available agent. It helps in the even distribution of calls and reducing the burden on agents.

  • Live Analytics and Dashboard
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Robo Dialer
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Call Scheduling
  • CRM Integration
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Call Monitoring
  • Attractive UI/UX

To learn more about HoduSoft, get in touch with us. You can be assured of quality services at an unmatched value. Join over 200 customers worldwide across 34 countries, who have successfully made the switch for better returns.

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