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Apply lip fungal infection cream to resist growth of fungi

Lips of humans may be affected by fungi due to many reasons. Lips may get cracked and inflammation with pain can be enhanced. The inflammation or pain starts at corner of lips. This condition may arise if people wear braces or do not maintain oral hygiene properly. The deficiency of Riboflavin may also cause angular Cheilitis at lips. In this condition, lips fungal infection cream may be used. By regular use of antifungal cream, lip fungus may be reduced.
lip fungal infection

Probable symptoms of lip infections

Lip fungus may occur due to deficiency of immunity and the problem appears within inside. There are symptoms of lip fungus and people can identify infections on lips. The symptoms are listed below:

  • White plaques and sores in the mouth corners
  • On lips , there is lack of moisture
  • Fluids may be collected at the corners of lips producing bumps and blisters
  • Appearance of redness and swelling on the lips
  • Burning and itching sensation on lips
  • Feeling of weakness
  • Immense cravings for sugar and sweet foods

The symptoms may be visible during lip infections. So, affected persons may be cautious and can start applying lip fungal infection cream after confirmation of the infections.


  • Wearing of braces or dentures
  • Deficiency of vitamins lie E ,B12 and iron
  • Exposure to excessive cold weather
  • Condition may be aggravated by licking of lips
  • Poor nutritional support
  • Disease of poor blood flow to lips
  • Application of lip balm or lipsticks and toxins on lips

The above causes are most likely to happen during attack of lip infections. So, the affected persons should think of remedies from lip infections. So, lip fungal infection cream may be applied for quick recovery of the condition.


Besides the application of cream, some sorts of home remedies may be adopted for quick healing of the infections. The procedures are listed below :

  • To maintain oral hygiene properly
  • Avoiding biting of lips so that infections may not spread
  • Avoid consuming of too much spicy food
  • Avoid of intake of sugar as it may enhance of lip infections
  • Affected parts of lips may be treated with castor oil as therapy
  • Intake of plenty of sugar to allow saliva to simulate
  • Yoghurt may be applied on the affected parts of lips

Functions of lip cream

All the above points should be considered during infections, so that it may be healed early. Besides the home remedies, lip fungal infection cream may be applied, so that fungi may be arrested. Ketomac lip cream can arrest the growth of fungi with help of amazing anti fungal agent ketoconazole. It ruptures the cell membrane of fungi by stopping the synthesis of ergosterol, a vital component of cell membrane. In this way, the outer layer of fungi is leaked and the inside content of fungi is poured out. So, the fungi are killed by application of cream.

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