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Twitter Launches Pilot Test for Shopping - What Are Future Expectations

Twitter has become one of the most famous social media sites because lots of students, politicians, actors and the general public have joined this platform. To send and receive messages, Twitter has launched the microblogging system. Along with typing your message, you can also include relevant websites and resources. Here, people can follow other people with similar interests. When you follow others on Twitter, you can see their tweets on your timeline. By using Twitter, you can easily reach a new audience. For the testing of e-Commerce on its platform, Twitter has also launched a pilot test for shopping. With the help of a pilot test for shopping, it has introduced a new shopping module.
Pilot Test for Shopping
Now, brands, businessmen and retailers have availed an opportunity to show their products to Twitter users. For this reason, they can create business profiles. When these businessmen show their products to Twitter users, interested users can scroll down the images of their products. Moreover, they can also tap through the specific product that they want to purchase. This thing has provided an opportunity for Twitter users to open business websites within the Twitter app. When customers visit their business profiles, they can get complete information about the products. As a result, they can make a purchase. Initially, Twitter has introduced this shopping module for US users on IOS devices. They can see this shopping module on the top of their Twitter profile.

TechCrunch has discussed the access of this module from the Twitter officials. According to TechCrunch, the businessmen who have professional profiles can only get access to this feature. Twitter has been testing the business profiles since April. While testing these profiles, Twitter has allowed users to add specific information about their businesses. For example, they can add addresses, phone numbers and operating hours to their profiles. In other words, we can say that these business profiles will seem just like the Facebook page for business. While providing this information, they should provide direct access to the customers. In the beginning, Twitter will introduce a pilot test for shopping for a small group of pilot testers. Along with @GameStop and @ArdenCove, only 10 other brands can get access to this new feature.

Twitter can select these brands from various categories like lifestyle, media, entertainment and tech etc. That's why the company is not allowing the brand to sign up for a pilot test for shopping. Its reason is that the company is in the initial phase of the pilot test for shopping. Lots of shopping brands have accounts on Twitter. The users can reach these brands and discuss the products. The companies are providing direct access to the users to increase their sales. This thing is creating lots of confusion for Twitter users. They are thinking that either Twitter will become a shopping platform in the future or not. With the help of a pilot test for shopping, Twitter is trying to get an idea about the trend of the users. Twitter can get an idea about the products that can drive traffic to brands.

With the help of a pilot test for shopping, Twitter will test lots of things. As a result, Twitter will get an idea of which thing is lasting more impacts on the buyers and retailers. After comparing the data of different vertices, it will decide which will work well on its platform. Along with working on the customers' side, Twitter will also work with the businessmen. Twitter will try to know the problems of the businessmen. For this reason, Twitter will develop a new Merchant Advisory Board. This board will include the best merchants on Twitter. Earlier in the year in February, Twitter had mentioned its plans for the introduction of e-Commerce. That's why it has also created a platform for the creators to know about the e-Commerce investments.

According to experts of an assignment writing firm, the Twitter officials are also talking about it. For example, Bruce Flack has discussed the interaction of Twitter users with the brands. According to him, some businessmen have already started to use our platform for the introduction of their products and services. As a result, they are generating sales from our platform. This has encouraged the company to take this step. By using the pilot test for shopping, the company will provide a real-time and engaging conversation platform to the intentional audience. The customers can quickly discover their products. Moreover, they can quickly purchase these products. Twitter CFO has also discussed the potential of e-Commerce on Twitter. In a conference, he has asked that you should do enough research before buying anything on Twitter.

Twitter has introduced a pilot test for shopping at the right time. Its reason is that lots of tech companies and social media platforms are also investing in e-Commerce. The most significant example is Facebook. It has introduced e-Commerce features on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. When we visit these platforms, we can find different ways of shopping. Some major companies are also collaborating with Shopify. For example, TikTok, Google and Facebook have collaborated with Shopify to provide the best platforms for merchants to sell their products. Before it, Twitter has already started this process. Anyhow, it failed due to some reasons. That's why Twitter has to rewind its 'Buy' button. Now, the company believes that it is the right time to introduce e-Commerce features on this platform. That's why the company is testing this feature before launching it at the large scale level.


To provide the best shopping experience to the users, Twitter has launched a pilot test for shopping. With the help of this feature, the retailers can add the shopping section at the top of their profiles. After getting success in this test, Twitter will introduce this feature under the name of 'Shop Module'. When visitors click on it, they can browse the products. Twitter has announced that it will introduce this feature for English users only. When users click on a link, they can complete the shopping process without leaving this website. They have launched this feature at the right time because other social media sites and tech companies are also investing in e-Commerce.

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