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Five Things to Watch Out For While Changing Your Netflix Region with a VPN

So, you love to watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix? But wait, you have to move away from your native homeland to Canada. What are you going to do now since Netflix offers location-based content only? Well, you can simply change your location with the help of a VPN service. Once you do, you can access all your favorite shows and movies. From classics you’ve seen on Spectrum TV to Netflix originals, you can stream everything with ease.
Netflix VPN
Disclaimer: Using a VPN to change regions and unlock more content from different servers often works. But don't forget that you run the risk of losing your account to a suspension or even a permanent ban if detected.

You may already know that Netflix has legal agreements with production houses, movie agencies, and TV studios. They limit access to content from these content creators to certain regions only. There are various reasons for this. Some content may not be suitable for certain countries due to their culture, heritage, or social norms. This is why a particular TV show that is available in the US may not be available in Kenya. In order to watch it, you may need to change your region to the US. You can do this with the help of a VPN. With that said, it is important to be careful about a few things while using a VPN service.

What to Avoid When Changing Your Region? To change your region, you will need to use a VPN service. It will assign you an IP address in a different region of the world (based on your choice) and allow you to access Netflix servers closest to the region you choose. However, there are many dangers involved in doing so. Be careful of these five things when changing your Netflix region:

Never Share Your Password

Never share the password of your Netflix account with anyone. If a VPN service is demanding your login credentials, stop using it immediately. It’s usually a red flag and a very clear indication of a possible scam app. Clear your device’s cache and app data and uninstall the app right away.

Don’t Change Your Login Credentials There is simply no need to change your login credentials when changing your Netflix region. Also, there is no need to create a new account. If you switch to another account, Netflix will not be able to give recommendations based on your interests since you have no watch history. You will also no longer have access to the data on your previous account.

It is better to stick to your previous account and only use a VPN to change the location. That way, your watch history will remain intact. Changing your Netflix region doesn’t mean your details on the platform are changing. It’s a simple process that can happen on your existing account without changing the credentials or creating a new account entirely.

Do Not Share Credit Card Details

It is important to note that some VPN services will require you to provide your credit card details. If it’s a paid VPN that has a solid reputation in the tech world, then most people are usually safe entering their credit card details. These VPNs are typically subscription services, and will charge you based on the model you choose. However, not all VPN apps may be legitimate companies. Some could simply steal your credit card information and use it for purposes you never intended. Also, if you happen to come across a service requiring personal information such as your social security number, it’s almost always a scam. Avoid such a service and close the app immediately.

Many unwary users have lost their personal information to such scammers on the internet. Every once in a while, malicious apps can slip in through certain app stores as well. Therefore, a little care will save you from serious monetary losses, identity theft, and fraud. A person in possession of your credit card details can cause a lot of trouble for you. And there are many such scammers on the web, so you have to act intelligently to avoid them.

Refrain from Using Free VPNs

Even though free VPN service providers may work fine, it is best to avoid them. The reason is that they can gain access to your personal information and browsing, and may misuse it. Remember that no internet-based service is ever really free. If it’s not money, they’ll most likely be getting access to your personal information. A VPN service may claim that it can help you change your Netflix region for free. However, at the same time, they may sell your watch preferences, browsing history, and even search patterns to third parties. That’s because while your browsing may be encrypted from third parties, the VPN company will be able to bypass the encryption tunnel with ease and snoop on you.

One more thing you must know is that some free VPN service providers may not be able to bypass the location-changing restrictions from Netflix. The most popular video streaming platform may simply not allow you to do this. You may even get detected. Therefore, a reliable and paid VPN is always the better choice.

Avoid Overpriced VPN Services

Note that changing your Netflix region does not usually cost you a lot. It’s a simple change of region, you’re not subscribing to Netflix again. Therefore, it is wise to choose a paid VPN service instead of a free one. You can find several budget-friendly plans from trustworthy VPN services on the internet. In any case, avoid free VPN services from a provider that is centered on making money only.

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