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Interior Design Ideas for a Great First Impression From Guests

When designing your home, you are not just considering what you want and what feels right for your lifestyle. You also want to incorporate elements that will satisfy your guests and will make a great first impression on your living space. It would be a nice feeling to look at their amazed expressions and to hear their compliments about your home’s interior design. Below are some ideas that you can adopt to create a brilliant and impressive humble abode.
Vincenzo chair

Add a Vincenzo chair in your living room

Your living room would be one of the first spaces that your guests will see so there is a need to exert extra effort in beautifying it. To make it as luxurious as possible, you might want to consider the Vincenzo chair as one of the furniture items in the area. This Vincenzo chair can make any space feel and look grandeur with its circular foam coated in purple. Aside from the style that the Vincenzo chair can add to your precious living room, it will also be highly functional. The Vincenzo chair can be shared by more than two people because of its very large size. Lastly, the Vincenzo chair can give your guests a comfortable seating area due to its soft velvet fabric. You can order it from The Yorkshire Fabric Shop for only $3 000.
beautiful pendant lights

Add beautiful pendant lights

To impress your guests, even more, you have to add beautiful pendant lights aside from putting a Vincenzo chair in your home. They are great options if you are leaning towards a modern home interior. Their extraordinary and appealing design can instantly catch the attention of your guests. You can also use it as a focal point of the place. The downside of the pendant lights is their expensive price point. If they are not within your budget, it is recommended to use other types of lighting fixtures that are more affordable. You may purchase from secondary markets, it only takes patience and effort to find the best lighting for your home.
large plants

Decorate your home with large plants

A lot of people are now using large plants as decorative items. You may hop on to the bandwagon because this design idea has a lot of benefits. Aside from being budget-friendly, they can easily make any space as inviting and vibrant as possible. It makes the house less intimidating to visit, allowing your guests to enjoy the place. Make sure that the plants you will purchase are low-maintenance so that they can live for a long time even if you don’t take care of them regularly. It is advisable to choose large ones and place them in the hallway or in your living room to add some personality to the place.

Buy artworks

One of the easiest ways to impress your guests is by adding artwork to the space. It can be a painting, a photograph, or an abstract that you personally made or bought. Make sure that their designs, colors, and patterns match with the other furniture items in the place like the Vincenzo chair and storage. In this way, you can create a harmonious living space. Flea markets and bazaars are the go-to stores to purchase impressive art displays and decor on a budget.

Have a flooring made of hardwood

Having flooring made from hardwood would make your home stylish and sleek which can surely create a first good impression. Although this type of flooring is expensive, rest assured that it will be worth it. Aside from adding a unique aesthetic to the place, it is durable enough to withstand adverse conditions so you will not find yourself changing it anytime soon. Make sure to hire a professional for its installation to ensure that everything will be perfect. Upon seeing the result, you will not regret your decision as it greatly contributes to the creation of a high-valued home.

In a Nutshell

After reading the article, we hope that you now have an idea of how to create an impressive and appealing home that you and your guests can enjoy. The design ideas listed above are budget-friendly which means that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money during the entire decorating process.

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