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Basic tools you need for your cell phone repair business

In this 21st century, cell phone is practically an important equipment for getting around on a daily basis.  Most people wouldn't know what to do without always having their phone in their pocket. 

With that in mind, cell phone repair has quickly become an important business. Whether you're a professional cell phone repairer, having a cell phone repair tools is a smart purchase you need for your business. 

You need the right tools to properly repair a complicated smartphone, and there are plenty of tools on the market to choose from.

Basic Cell phone repair tools for your business

When selecting cell phone repair tools and equipment, it is important to select the best tool, even if it costs little more. Here are the best tools on the market or online.

#1. Multimeter

The most common electrical test equipment you neede for your cell phone repair business, is a meter called the multimeter. It can be analog or digital. 

Multimeters are so named because they can measure a multitude of variables: voltage, current, resistance. When repairing cell phones, a digital multimeter is usually used to troubleshoot, check the track and components. The multimeter is both an efficient work tool and a safety device for cell phone repair business, always buy a reliable good quality ESD safe digital multimeter for cell phone repair bisiness.

#2. Soldering iron

A soldering iron is a hand tool use for cell phone business, used to heat solder, usually from an electrical supply at high temperatures above the melting point of the metal alloy. This allows the solder to flow between the workpieces to be joined. This soldering tool consists of an insulated handle and a heated pointed metal iron tip which is best for cell phone repair busineds. 

Good soldering is influenced by how clean the tip of your soldering iron is. To maintain cleanliness, a user will hold the soldering iron and use a wet sponge to clean the soldering iron tip before soldering components or making soldered joints.

#3. Antistatic mat.

An anti-static mat is designed to reduce the effects of an electrostatic discharge (ESD) on an individual or static sensitive part ehich is good for your cell phone repair business. It also helps prevent explosions and fires when working with flammable materials found in certain gases and liquids.

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An antistatic mat contains a conductive material that accumulates static. Since it collects electricity, it must be grounded. This is achieved by inserting the plug into a grounded outlet. Devices that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge like cell phone repair are usually electrical components.

#4. Magnifier lamp

A magnifying lamp is an important tool for anyone who works with precision assembly, inspection or design like cell phone repair. Since users can effortlessly see smaller details, illuminated magnifying lights are immensely helpful in reducing eye strain and preventing vision fatigue. As a result, they are popular with jewelers, watch and electronics cell phone repair, dental clinics, industrial inspection, scientific research labs and the home office.

#5. Screwdriver 

Screwdriver, tool, usually hand-operated, for turning slotted screws good for your cell phone business. For screws with one straight diametrical slot cut over the head, standard flat-tipped screwdrivers in various sizes are used. Special screws with cross-shaped slots in their heads require a special screwdriver with a blade tip that fits into the slots. This is one of the important tool you need for that cell phone repair business.

#6. Soldering station

A soldering station is an electronic tool for manually soldering electronic components onto a PCB which also good for cell phone repair business. It consists of a station or unit to control the temperature and a soldering iron that can be attached to the station unit. Most soldering stations have temperature control and are mostly used in electronics PCB assembly and manufacturing units. They are also used for mass repair of printed circuit boards. Most genuine service centers also use these temperature-controlled soldering stations for cell phone repair and finishing work.

#7. Solder wire

This is one of the most important tool needed in cell phone repair business. It is a fusible metal alloy with a melting point low enough to be melted with a soldering iron, while still having the properties to meet specific applications. Solder is used to bond metal workpieces together and its applications are extensive.

Solder is widely used in cell phone repair, heating, air conditioning, mechanical, sprinkler and other similar systems, as well as in radiator fabrication, repairs and sheet metal work. Solder must be strong enough to hold metal pieces together, but must also be resistant to oxidation and other forms of corrosion that can occur over time. For this reason, lead and tin alloy is the most widely used wire solder in cell phone repair that offers the above properties.

#8. ESD cleaning brush

ESD brushes have plastic bristles that are conductive or statically dissipative, so they can be used in cell phone repair business when working with electronic components or cleaning sensitive circuit boards.

When used as part of a static controlled area, the brushes are used to remove dust particles and solder residue from PCBs and other items that are easily damaged by static discharges. It's all too easy to overlook the small details in an EPA.

The specially developed brushes are gentle enough to clean delicate components on integrated circuits and workstation surfaces that be too hazardous with standard non-ESD safe brushes in the cell phone repair business.

NOTE: this are just the basic tools to start cell phone repair business. As an individual coming into cell phone repair business newly, you need this basic cell phone repair tools, but as the business keep on expanding you will have to get other tools added to this cell phone repair tools.


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