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Best 7 human resources internships online to apply in 2021

An internship is a program offered by an employer that provides potential employees with work experience.

Internships are typically aimed at students who work between one and four months in their chosen company to gain internships or research experience. 

Students who complete an internship in human resources will be prepared for the challenges they will face in the field and will gain the experience necessary to overcome those challenges.

Many large corporations, nonprofits, and government firms offer internships designed for Human Resources majors. 

Here we have made our research, an came up with some of the best human resources internships programs we've seen. 

Each of these internships is paid and many are designed as a means to permanent employment!

Proctor and Gamble has built some of the world's most successful brands, including Tide, Pampers and Gillette.

They offer a 12-week highest paid Human Resources internships program. Internships are available from mid-July to mid-September in Kuala Lumpur. 

To be eligible, students must be an excellent college graduate with less than two years to graduation. During that time, HR interns will work on a specific company by reviewing, designing and transferring work process improvements. 

Interns will feel valued for working on projects of great value to P&G.

Cisco offers a range of professional internship opportunities in the corporate world, including a top Human Resources internships. 

Cisco is a global health company that works with employers and organizations around the world to help employees stay healthy. 

They work with a variety of stakeholders to reduce medical costs for individuals and families and provide access to a network of medical providers and services. 

Interns are rewarded and benefit from a 401K plan, plus opportunities for additional growth and development. 

Internships are completed during the summer months, and many interns are hired for full-time jobs after graduation.

General Electric is a global company with products and services that range from power generation to finance and oil and gas production equipment.

GE offers a paid Human Resources Leadership Program internship for students enrolled in a master's or bachelor's degree in business, liberal arts, or Human Resources. 

Interns work as part of a team, solve real challenges, collaborate on projects and focus on specific areas of Human Resources. Interns are the main pipeline for GE's Human Resources Leadership Program.

IBM is a global leading technology company providing cloud-based services, software, hardware and cognitive computing. 

IBM hosts an Human Resources internships program designed for aspiring professionals who want to accelerate their careers and qualify for the Human Resources Leadership Development Program. 

The Human Resources Leadership Development Program interns do meaningful work in a variety of areas, including recruiting, workforce planning, and leadership development.

They complete three one-year rotations, including an international opportunity, and gain access to potential career paths.

The Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement retailer. 

The Home Depot offers a highest-paid 12-week HR internship program. 

Interns are paid at an hourly rate that depends on the experience of the intern and the level they are pursuing.

While there is no guarantee that internships will turn into full-time jobs, in 2018 77% of interns were offered permanent employment.

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest nonprofit health plan in America.
They offer a Business Functions internship program that gives students the opportunity to work on real-world projects.

Internships last 10-12 weeks and most are in California. Historically, inters have worked on projects and initiatives that look at technology initiatives, media plans and market research.

Internships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Human Resources Analyst Development Program Internship offered by JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a 10-week program that works at one of the largest financial services companies in the world. 

Interns gain valuable on-the-job experience by working on projects related to compensation, performance management and employee relations.

Human Resource interns have the opportunity to network, listen to senior speakers and attend philanthropic events. 

Those who complete their internship are ready for the workforce, and many interns receive offers for full-time employment with the organization.

Here you have it best human resources internships online programs to apply on to develop your skill further.


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