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Top 8+ cannabis business social network you will love

People love to connect with like-minded individuals online share information about their projects, passions and companies.

But traditional social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter limit the cannabis content on their platforms. 

As a result, many cannabis companies and cannabis enthusiasts have switched to smaller, cannabis business social networks that is friendly 

There are now a number of popular cannabis business social network that allow you to connect with fellow like-minded individuals.

Some of these cannabis business social network you will love are really cool and some not that much. Whether you are a cannabis business looking to market themselves or a smoker looking to join a community, these are some of the top cannabis business social networks for marijuana enthusiasts.


I will show you the top  online cannabis social networks for business and personal use.


It is the largest cannabis business social network platform designed specifically for cannabis growers. 

This cannabis business social network allows users to compare their revenues with other members of the platform, and it also assisted them track their growth cycles.

Members of the tight-knit grower community share advice to help others improve and avoid mistakes.

Thanks to the large number of experienced cannabis growers operating on the platform, Grow Diaries is probably the best place for first-time users to find useful information about different strains and cannabis growing systems.

This cannabis platform allows users to browse jobs and events and connect with like-minded individuals.


It is a great cannabis business social network platform. It's different from other cannabis business social networks in that it is designed to help cannabis companies connect with potential partners, investors and cannabis professionals.

The platform  of weed life assist cannabis enthusiasts catch up on the latest industry news, network and connect with business contacts.

Website: leafwire.com


It is a new cannabis Business social network that is still a small buggy, but where a large number of people sign up and join daily. 

They attributes this news feed style social media platform with marijuana videos, companies, education, products, growing information and more.

This cannabis-based social media network still needs a lot of work, but it is one of the original social media platforms for marijuana smokers.

If you're a business, brand, or public figure, you can create your own page for people to post to your wall, share photos, events, and more.

Website: weedlife.com


It is now the largest online cannabis business social network community dedicated to cannabis smokers, smokers and enthusiasts.

To sign up for this website, you need to download their app which is available for App Store and Google Play.

You can't currently create an online account, but downloading the app will allow you to connect with people instantly.

They still have some work to do to make it a viable product that people will be happy to use, but it seems to be gaining good traction as far as cannabis business social network is concerned.

Website: getduby.com


This cannabis business social network  is a bit like Foursquare, but for weed. On their website you will find the best pharmacies, headshops, Lodge and cannabis doctors online.

It's free to join and you can connect with friends to get recommendations from the best marijuana stores out there.

Website: budhubz.com


This website is probably the largest cannabis business social network community for businesses and professionals. 

With a wide cannabis business social  network of services, such as accounting, banking, insurance, distribution, extraction and more, tailored to the cannabis industry, it is one of the best options for entrepreneurs looking to connect with potential business partners.

It WeedLife attract more than 3 million users per month. Now these numbers don't even scratch the surface of the numbers Facebook or Instagram pull, but they are still huge for a social network designed specifically for cannabis enthusiasts.

Website: mjlink.com


It is one of the largest cannabis business social network media platforms in the world and features several "forums" or subreddits that focus on cannabis. 

As the name suggests, it started as a joke. To get even, real tree lovers created the subreddit "marijuana enthusiasts" that focuses exclusively on trees. 

Reddit in no way restricts cannabis content, so it's a great place for cannabis enthusiasts, helping them and businesses connect with like-minded individuals.

The topics in the cannabis society on Reddit vary, but you can find everything from serious content to cannabis-related jokes.

While not necessarily a cannabis-focused social media platform, its worth mentioning as it provides a safe place for cannabis enthusiasts to socialize.

Website: reddit.com


At Weedable you can track, post and shop all directly from this online platform. 

Whether you are a business, personal or just contact with other pot users, you can join cannabis business social network in weedable and have your own online profile.

Here you find the company profile on Weedable which allows users to connect with other companies in the industry and keep our followers up to date with all the latest news.

Website: weedable.com


Here you have it, top 8+ cannabis business social network you will love for all cannabis enthusiasts.

The cannabis business social network are all lovely why not try this social networks is very interesting.

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