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8 best sites to stream cartoon anime online free

Watching Cartoons anime online, are a great stress buster and can help people relax during times of stress.

People cherish to stream cartoons anime no matter their age, there is always a child living in us, as shown by the Share of Cartoon Network Viewer by Age. Cartoons anime are always a favorite of people of any age group.

 It doesn't matter if you are a teenager or an adult, you should not forget about cartoons anime like Tom and Jerry.

Due to the tiet schedule of some individual, without having the time to watch cartoons anime on television.

Due to this tiet schedule we will be sharing 8 best sites to stream cartoons anime online free. Were you can enjoy you cartoons anime without disturbances.

8 best sites to stream cartoon anime online free

#1. YouTube

It is the most popular platform to watch online cartoon anime. You can get almost any cartoon anime from this site just by using the search bar of this site. 
You can also stream cartoon anime online on this site without any problems. 

To watch any cartoon show, just enter the name of the cartoon anime in YouTube search bar and it will just go to that anime.

Website: YouTube.com

#2. ToonJet

ToonJet is one of the most popular websites to stream classic cartoon anime shows online for free.

If you love to stream classic cartoon anime then this site is perfect for you. Many popular cartoon anime such as Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes etc. can be stream online for free on this site.

In addition, it is not necessary to register on this site to stream any cartoon anime show online. 

While signing up on this site unlocks some extra features such as a profile page etc.

Website: Toonjet.com

#3. Watch Cartoon online

It is one of the best site to stream cartoon anime online free. The homepage of this site is an even huge directwory with hundreds of cartoons anime. 

Some of the best cartoons anime you can watch on this site are Uncle Granpa Season 2, Teen Titans Go, Clarence Episode etc. This site also has a lot of cartoon movies. The only reason I put this site # 5 in the list of sites to stream  cartoon  anime online is that this site has pop ads that are very disgusting to users and also cause a lot of trouble.

#4. Anime flavor

Anime flavor is one of the best sites to stream cartoon anime online free without paying a cent. 

This site is best if you want to watch free animated movies online. You can select any anime to watch from the sidebar of this site which has a huge list of animations.

#5. GO GO Anime

Go Go Anime is one of the best sites to stream cartoon anime online free.

You can find almost any cartoon anime dubbed in English on this site. Moreover, this site is available all over the world, so you don't need to connect to a VPN to browse this site and you can enjoy animations online at maximum speed without spending money on VPN.

Website: gogoanime.io

#6. Cartoon Movies HQ

This site has a great list of cartoon anime movies, you can use this site to watch almost any cartoon anime online free without any problems. 

This site features the best cartoon anime ever that you can watch online free without any problems. 

This site has also launched a new feature to play cartoon anime games online as well as cartoon games online free.

#7. Kiss cartoon

It is an amazing designed website with a significant archive of cartoon anime. The site has earned its place in the best sites to watch cartoon anime online free with an impressive user interface and easy cartoon anime library search. You can filter cartoons by series, movies, genres, continuous or with advanced filter options.

Although the site has an annoying advertising policy that always annoys the viewer; otherwise the site can play and stream cartoons at high speed.

#8. Disney Junior

It is one of the best sites where you can watch cartoon anime online free. The user interface of this site is very interesting and simple. 

You can watch all Disney cartoons online on this site like Mickey Mouse etc. Although this site is blocked in many countries like India, you can use VPN to watch cartoons and animations online on this site. 

In addition, there are no annoying pop-ads that generally affect the browsing experience.


Here you have it, The list of best sites to stream cartoon anime online free. All these sites are completely free, but with changes to the time policies of such sites.

If you find site that is been added into this content, you can drop your comment below.

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