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Top 5 website to watch Arabic movies online

In modern times, Arabic movies have been having a lot of loyal fans with their unique charms. For a lot of us who are living outside of Arabic nation, it’s sincerely difficult to get a chance to watch Arabic movies in the movie cenimas.

So it’s natural that we need some nice websites where we can watch middle East movies online.

So in this article, we are going to introduce the top websites to watch Arabic movie  online, as the best way to enjoy Arabic movies.

Top 5 websites to watch Arabic movies online

With the help of these websites below, you can find the best Arabic movies of the year, and also browse different movie genres.

1. Go2Films

Go2film is one of the top websites to watch Arabic movies online. both popular Arabic movies and TV series available online.

The best feature of the website is the sort option when you search for Arabic movie, which you can sort by genre, film director, screenwriter, actors, language, or the part of the middle eastern  country where the movie was made.

Websites: Go2Films.com

2. HDMovies4Arab

It is an interesting website on this list of top website to watch Arabic movies online.

Besides offering the well-known middle East movies online, you can get the movies in decent quality with very low size.

This is a great option if you need to watch a few  Arabic movies on your laptop, tablet or phone if you are going a long way and leaving in 10 minutes.

Websites: HDMovies4Arab.com

3. Filmdoo

It is very focus is mainly on small and big format movies that are perfect for mobile devices and other device.

Filmdoo is one of the top website to watch Arabic movies online, and also it as an option of language changes in is website.

It has an option for to search for the Arabic movie and watch online or download.

While you are waiting for your download to complete, you may also be interested in looking for video music, on the website.

Website: Filmdoo.com

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4. EgyBest

Egybest is a well-organized website where you can simply scroll, click the name of a movie and simplywatch, download it or search for it first.

It is one of the top website to watch Arabic movies online. You can have middle Eastern countrie movies here as well as all kinds of other movies with Arabic subtitles and dubs. Both online streaming and downloading are supported on this website.

Website: EgyBest.com 

5. Aflamstream

Aflamstream has a great collection of top Arabic movies online. from all over the middle East countries. Here you will find middle East movies as well as Arabic movies and more. Its has the top website to watch Arabic movies online.

If you don't find a specific movie, there is a search button that allows you to search  the website to find its full Arabic movies collection for you.

You can download middle East movies from this website or use their direct download links with fast download speed.

Websites: Aflamstream.com


Watching Arabic movies is a great way to get to know the Arabic total way of life and practice how to speak Arabic language.

With the Arabic watching movies websites available today, am sure you will find Arabic movies you like to watch easily.

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