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Best methods to fix steam content file locked (Steps to DIY)

Technology is taking over the world functions, in specific, the life of the young generation who love to play games on computers and are addicted to it as an habit and lifestyle.

Whether it's online gaming or some other forms of entertainment, we just need a computer and a good internet connection.

We get frustrated with a few minutes of disruption when Steam Content File Locked, begin to interferes with your smooth games, for many days.

What is steam content file locked? 

PC displays a Steam content file lock while updating your game in the Steam. This error has occurred because Steam cannot read and write the files on your computer's hard drive.

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It means that Steam content file locked means, steam was unable to write update files to your hard drive, preventing you from playing the latest version of a game.

Methods to fix steam content file locked 

Steam Content File Locked ", you may encounter this error while updating games in the tribe and then looking for solutions to fix this error.

#1. Reset Winsock: Sometimes to fix the Steam locked content error, you just need to reset Winsock. To do this, follow the command below.
  •  Press the Windows key + R keys.
  • Enter netsh winsock reset and press Enter or click OK. After this, restart your computer.

#2. Change the location of Steam and game files
  •  Go to Stream Client and click Settings.
  • Click Downloads and select Steam Library Folders.

#3. Select Add Library Folder and select the new location for Steam.

#4. Close the Steam Client.

#5. Go to your Steam directory, the default location is: \ Program Files \ Steam

#6. Delete the exe and all files except
UserData and SteamApp directories.

#7. Move these files to the location you specified in step 3.

#8. Open Steam and log in again.
If the error persists, continue with these steps.

#9. Check your antivirus program
In some cases, the content file locked Steam error may appear because of the antivirus on your computer.

You can disable the antivirus while updating the game. This method differs depending on the antivirus you are using, so look online for instructions on how to disable your antivirus.

If disabling the antivirus doesn't help, you may need to uninstall your antivirus or switch to other antivirus software.

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Steps to change the installation folder of Steam and Game Files

Step 1. Go to "Steam Client" and select "Settings".

Step 2. Select "Downloads" then "Steam Library Folders".

Step 3. Select the "Add Library Folders" and choose the desired path where you want to reinstall "Steam."

Step 4. Now in the future, the entire installation will be moved to your chosen path by performing this step.

Step 5. Now exit the “Steam. "

Step 6. Go to your current "Steam Directory" (C: \ Program Files \ Steam).

Step 7. Now At this step, Delete everything. Everything means anything except exe.

Step 8. Now cut all folders and paste those folders in the location of your choice, which you chose earlier.

Step 9. Open "Steam" and try "Log In Again"


These are the ways to fix steam content file locked. Make sure you try on your PC or smart phone, to enjoy you game one more time.

Inform us if you have try it,  an it work on your phone, leave your reply in the comments section below.

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