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Best 7+ Spanish Learning Apps for kids 2020

The importance of learning a foreign language for  kids are nicely unimaginable relevance! Research shown that kids that is thought a second language have high cognitive ability, greater social flexibility, increased listening skills, high memory retention and well problem-solving skills.

There are easier ways to learn Spanish, whether you have a basic or intermediate skill level, with this best unique apps for Android,Itune and Amazon

The following  best spanish learning apps for kids in Android and iOS devices make learning Spanish online - basic vocabulary, speaking skills and sentence patterns - kids play with fun exercises and games built on remote repetition, which is great for keeping of new words in your long-term memory. You'll be conversing and even writing as a native Spanish speaker in no time with the best Spanish best learning apps for kids. To help your niños y niñas learn español.

Best Spanish learning apps for kids 

1. Duolingo
Is one of the best Spanish learning apps for kids. It (Anderoid, ITunes) uses spanish-language video content - music videos, movie trailers and lectures - from all over the internet to learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar rules. By looking, Spanish kids see the words in action. They can also quickly look up words they don't understand in the app. Download the app and get two weeks of free foreign language learning tools to start and then pay $ 29.99 a month or $ 239.99 a year to continue learning and improve your skills.
Ages: 8 & Up
Cost: Free

2. Endless Spanish 
It is a highly acclaimed Spanish language learning app (Android, Itune) emphasizes in learning and helps kids pick up on Spanish vocabulary and grammar - words, phrases, and even entire conversations - depicting actual situations in Spain could be.

 Start with the most basic greetings, questions, and sentences. Then read short stories, believing your pronunciation is correct as it is checked by reliable TruAccent speech recognition technology. Then hit the road, test what you've learned in real situations and check out the app's easily accessible phrasebook if you get stuck with idioms.

Soon kids will be able to have deeper conversations. And also kids can also take learning offline with downloadable lessons. Try the service for free for days before paying.
Ages: 4 & up
Cost: Free with in-app purchases of $5.99 and $11.99

3. Unuhi: Bilingual Books
As the name implies, In 24 Hours Learn Spanish (Android,Itune), one of the best apps to learn Spanish, promises to teach kids thousands of Spanish words and phrases with audiovisual lessons in just 24 hours. The name may be an exaggeration, but the language learning app is still highly recommended to improve kids conversation skills in Spanish. The app has two free stories, and each of the story is paid after that, some with musical accompaniment.
Ages: 2 to 10
Cost: Free for the first story. In app purchases.

This may interest you==>

4. Spanish School Bus
Learning Spanish languages ​​with Spanish school bus (Android, Itune) makes learning fun by teaching beginner and kids everyday words and phrases with a mix of fast-learning games and over 30,000 native speaker videos.

The pronunciation guide ensures that you speak like a local by recording your pronunciation and comparing it to native speakers. Offline mode keeps learning going even when Wi-Fi is interrupted. For kids advance learning, you can upgrade to Spanish school bus.
Ages: 3 to 10
Cost: The basic download is free. In-app purchases unlock additional content.

5. Little Pim
In little pim (Itune,Amazon) you start with a placement test to ensure you start from the correct difficulty level. Then little pim, will help you learn Spanish  with the help of handwriting exercises corrected by real native speakers.

You will also receive accent training with speech recognition exercises, grammar tips and full courses. You can also learn offline.
Little pim newest feature, the study plan, provides users with an attack plan for achieving their goals by asking them how far they want to go and when they can study, then calculating how long it will take. This feature also helps keep track of their progress and keeps them motivated to reach their goals with reminders.
Age: 6 & under
Cost: free with in-app purchases

6. Fun Spanish by StudyCat
Fun Spanish (Amazon, Itune) app teaches designe through game-based learning courses, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), the international standard for describing language skills.
Kds can expect to learn the Spanish native pronunciation of over 1,000 keywords and phrases for greeting, shopping, travel, and more; read and write; and more than 2000 Spanish characters, in simplified and traditional Spanish.
Ages: 3 to 10
Cost: Free with in-app purchase; paid version is $39.99 per year

7. FluentU
FluentU (Android, Itune) helps newcomers like kids to speak, read and write Spanish, with immersive gamebased learning exercises based on  Spanish only standardized assessment of standard Spanish language skills for non-native speakers.

The app goes one step further by teaching them about the culture behind the language. Learn how to have everyday conversations by watching over 1000 videos with native Spanish speakers and playing educational yet engaging games.
Age: 3 to 12
Cost: The optional Premium paid subscription offers even more educational games for $ 6.99 per month or $ 39.99 for an entire year.

Note: Here you have it best 7+ spanish learning apps for kids. Though some of the app are free,  while others are paid subscription.

 All are interesting apps to learn Spanish to your satisfaction. Try it an testify.


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