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Best 5+ websites to download Free English subtitles movies

Subtitles are necessary if not important, when you're watching movie online with a loud background, or if the accent of the actors and actresses are in other world language aside English language, but must have to be understood.

English movie subtitles has several merit,  because they help when you intent to improve in you English speaking language.

It is a nice tool not only to practice your listening skills and expand your English vocabulary, but also to understand the culture and traditions of a of that particular country.

If  the movie you watch don't have English subtitles?  Do not feel uncomfortable. This content will show you best 5+ websites to download free English subtitles movies

Best 5+ websites to download free English subtitles movies

If you are looking for website that download the English subtitles for your movie and embed them to watch on a computer or TV. Here are the websites below

1. Podnapisi

It is one of the best website to download free English subtitles movies. This site has more than 2 million subtitles available for download and offers more than 58,000 movies and more than 6,000 TV series.

Like other major subtitle websites, Podnapisi allows you to search with advanced search tools and keywords, year, language and more. While not try this website an see its efficiency.
Website: podnapisi.net

2. Subtitles & DivX World

This website have a large data base for  collection of subtitles for movies and TV shows in multiple languages.

It is one of the best website to download free English subtitles movies.

After registering on the website, you can request subscriptions for any movie you want to watch, create your own movie listings, and a lot more.

Make sure not to forget to install the software on your computer that supports the DivX format with subtitles.
Website: subtitles.cz

3. Addic7ed

It is one of the best website to download free English subtitle movie. In this website you can download subtitles for the latest movies, TV series, box office trailers and gossip, as well.

In this website, you can see all the latest started translations, finalize translations and the most downloaded subtitles.

The site is available in multiple stream of world languages, from English, Arabic, Chinese to Swedish etc.
Website: Addic7ed.com

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4. English subtitles

This website provides English  subtitles for many popular movies and TV shows.

You can easily find English subtitles for the latest movies as well as the classic ones. Its collection of subtitles is also very impressive. It is one of the best website to download free English subtitles movies.

All the last added subtitles for the movies are displayed on the homepage of the website. You can as well set your favorite languages ​​in the bar at the top of the website.
Website: English-subtitles.org

5. Subscene

It is one of the best and most famous website to download free English subtitle movies.  It provides subtitle for movie and TV as well as subtitles for popular music videos.

Subtitles are added daily by both users and website owners. This website allows you to sieve subtitles by language and submit your subtitles.

If you can't find the subtitles you want, you can use the Request Subtitles feature to request subtitles that are not in their database.

All subtitles from the website can always be downloaded for free.
Website: subscene.com

Note: There are several websites that has tons of thousands of free subtitle files. We have taken that stress for you, by surfing tons of subtitles websites.

We have pick the best 5+ websites to download free English subtitles movies for your pleasure. While not Check it out to select the one that works best for you. 

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