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Top 10 website to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free 2020

There are many ways to watch the latest Nollywood movies today. You could do it through websites to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free, with these ten trusted websites, you can stream or download Nollywood movies to your device for later viewing.

If you have Wi-Fi and a lot of data, I suggest you stream the movies you want to watch in others so as not to load your device's storage space, but that can hurt your bandwidth a bit, but if you're low on data it is always advisable to download the movies.

While that’s settled, which website to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies for free without registration? We’ll show you the best websites to do that in this post.

#1 NetNaija

If you want to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free then NetNaija is a good option. This is a website that collects free movies from various OTT (Over-the-top) platforms.

Right now they have over 1 million movies and TV shows for you to watch. After going to the website, you will get a list of the best favorite movies for you. You can also sort them by genre, category or date. If a movie is not available to them for free, they will offer many alternative sites that have the movie at a cheap price. In that case, you can actually watch your favorite movies or TV shows by spending just a few naira if not free.

#2 Ibaka Tv

There is no need to introduce Ibaka tv at this time. They have become one of the most popular video websites  to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free.

Technically, this service is not free. But if you have not registered to Ibaka TV, there Video service is free. There are millions of TV shows, movies, musics etc. to stream and download for free and legally from an Ibaka TV subscription.

There is a 14-day free trial. So you can enjoy it too. However, if you have not registered  as a member, you will be charged. It also offers special Original shows for free. They also have a great mobile application on both iOS and Android. All in all, this is a great option.

#3 Iroko Tv

Should we introduce Iroko TV to our readers? We don't bet! This is a world-renowned internet entertainment service website to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free.

However, now they are at the top of the Nigeria paid subscribers. So there is a good chance that you can enjoy Iroko TV everywhere.

Right now, Iroko tv has over millions of movies, TV shows, music videos, Iroko TV special series and more. You can stream and download shows from Iroko tv. But Iroko TV is ​​not a free website.

They have a subscription model. And the subscription prices varies. However, they also have a free trial period. So you can also subscribe to it and enjoy 30 days of free service. You may be thinking if it's not free, why did we put this on the list? This is because Iroko tv has a huge range of collections that are not yet available on a service. So even if it's not a free service you should check it out.

#4 Nollyland

Wait, can someone stream/download Nigeria nollyland free? Yes you can. You may know nollyland as a free video content sharing platform. And you can stream and download videos from nollyland whenever you want. While not take advantage of it,  by logging into their website.

#5 Naijapals

As the name suggests, this is a website to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free, with over thousands of classic Nollywood movies and TV shows. You can sort the movies by genre. And it's a great place to watch classic movies for free, if you're a fan of Nollywood's golden age. Another great feature of Retrovision is the web player they use. This way you can watch movies for free without any buffering on Retrovision.

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#6 Naijaonpoint

You may not have heard the name of this service before. But this is a legitimate streaming service for naija movies and TV shows. The best part about this service is that you can stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free.

But this also has some drawbacks. First of all, this is not available worldwide. But if you're in the Nigeria, you have access to Naijaonpoint. And of course,
Another barrier to Naijaonpoint is that you won't find many latest shows and movies here. You will rather find the best of the best old and classic. If that's not your problem, you can try it an see.

#7 Realnollytv

If you are in Nigeria you must be familiar with Realnollytv. This is one of the most popular websites to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free. Now they are not only available in Nigeria, but you will find Realnollytv service in many other countries as well. If you like Nollywood movies and TV series, you will love Realnollytv.

 It also has a great smartphone application. So you can enjoy the shows from the comfort of your palm. If you like Nollywood movies, you will love Realnollytv. Because you can watch many live movies for free in Realnollytv.

#8 Waploaded

When streaming/downloading Nigeria Nollywood movies free online, most people expect to have cool-looking websites that are user friendly as well as comprehensive in the movies available. Little that they know that appearance plays almost no part in determining reliability in downloading free movies.

Waploaded is one such website that you can stream and download Nollywood movies for free. In terms of appearance, you would think that this site is nothing but a phishing site, especially since this website is covered with a lot of ads and pop-ups. The fact that this site is chosen for advertisements shows how people actually come here and spends some quality time.

#9 Delonifera

It is exactly what its name suggests it to be; famous and specific. Here in this website you can stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free, in which you would find that movies are a lot easier to be searched. Extensive and covering a lot of genres, you almost never get disappointed by coming here. This is because this website is user-generated.

It features better services and functions if you actually register, but a guest user can still gain a lot from this site. Always check the availability of the file before you actually click download.

#10 Codedwap

Like its name suggests, codedwap is a website to stream/dowbload Nigeria Nollywood movies  free. Downloading movie from multiple sources as well as a number of given options has never been better.

This website does not disappoint. This is because the choices you have do not only reflect the choice of movies, but also their variations in methods of downloading as well as the freedom to not join and remain anonymous.

Note: Here are the websites to stream/download Nigeria Nollywood movies free. These sites are reliable and updated to the latest interesting movies that you can ever think of. Take your time and enjoy your day with interesting Nollywood movie.

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