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Top 10 Unique Apps for Android 2020

In the app stores today, there are unique apps for android you can download in your smartphone.

you can download millions of different programs apps for every taste. Social media lovers cannot imagine life without Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, and music lovers without Spotify or Shazam.

 Today's travelers and tourists are unlikely to be able to do without Google Maps or Waze. You can find an application for almost any life situation that can satisfy any user. Let's talk about ten unique apps for android that can truly change our lives.

Most unique apps for Android in 2020

1. Horizon App - horizontal video

Agree, watching videos recorded vertically is not very convenient, because in this case the image becomes smaller and the quality deteriorates. The video itself can be very funny, but due to the inconvenience of viewing, many lose interest in it.

The solution may be the Horizon unique app for android, which provides horizontal viewing of the video regardless of the position in which you held your smartphone while shooting.

Download Horizon app

2. Nu Skin TR90 - nutrition and weight control

The Nu Skin TR90 unique app for android is designed to promote a healthy diet, control body weight and an active lifestyle. It can rightly be called the ideal application for those who care about their health and appearance.

A distinctive feature of the program is that it allows you to record a daily diet, use certain foods and track physical activity using one tracker, eliminating the need to resort to several different programs.

Download Nu Skin TR90 app

3. Any. Do - task management

Any application. Do is a unique app for android multi-purpose platform designed to help people and workgroups manage and organize tasks.

The application is unusually simple and easy to use and has several useful functions (calendar, reminders, daily planner), helping people plan and track their goals and achieve them.

Download Any Do. App

4. Walk-Up Alarm Clock - Another Awakening Format

The unique app for android application interface is very simple and even funny, if you do not take the necessary number of steps before the alarm ends, the images of the end of the world will appear on the screen. The application is free and available for both Android and ios.

Download wake-up alarm clock app

5. Sleep Talk Recorder - control conversations during sleep

They tell you that you are talking in a dream, but you are not sure about this? Learn the truth will help Sleep Talk Recorder.

This unique  app for android records the sounds made during sleep and starts only when they are fixed, that is, you do not have to record all the recommended eight hours of sleep at all. And although the recorded sounds are not always clear, sometimes they can tell what you think or what you see outside.

Download sleep talk record app

6. 1Password– storage of personal information

This unique app for android can significantly simplify our life, eliminating the need to remember passwords from accounts, credit card information, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, passports and much more, acting as a kind of safe. In addition, the program itself creates unique passwords for sites and remembers them.

Download 1password app

7. Google Translate - Instant Translation

Google Translate is an easy-to-use and feature-rich tool to help you communicate in a foreign language. In addition, this unique app for android can assist you to learn languages.

The application translates texts, files, text in images and even audio conversations. The service offers more than 100 languages, including Portuguese, English, French, Romanian, Russian and many others.

Download Google translate

8. Power Nap - customizable daytime sleep

The Spaniards cannot imagine their life without a siesta, because they believe that daytime sleep helps restore strength and efficiency.

And this is actually so - the need for a short afternoon nap has been confirmed by numerous studies. In this regard, it will be very useful to use this unique app for android, which  as a customizable sleep mode, which will help to avoid oversleeping.

The program monitors movements during sleep, and on the basis of this it wakes people up during the REM sleep phase, so the user does not wake up broken and lethargic, but rested and full of energy.

Download Power Nap app

9. RadarScope - weather monitoring

It is very convenient to have an application on your smartphone that reports the exact weather conditions. In this case, the RadarScope program will be very useful.

This unique app for android, is one of the best free applications in the category and provides users with very accurate information, since it uses the most advanced radar coverage areas in the world. With it, you will never be taken aback by a sudden rain or snowfall.

Download Radarscope app

10. Action Movie FX - record video with special effects

Action Movie FX is an extremely fun mobile app that makes you feel like a director. This unique app for android, allows you to add various special effects to the video-rocket attacks, explosions, car accidents, and much more.

Creating original videos without the need to master special programs and editing techniques is very interesting. You can record a video, select the desired effect and indicate when it should happen - all in less than five minutes.

Download Action movie FX app


There are several application on play store, but we specially take our time to make a research on several apps, and come out with  10 unique apps for android.

This unique apps for android, we guard your in your day to day activities and relaxation.

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