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Top 5 best free learning apps for kids-2020

It can sometimes be difficult, to keep children busy, especially when school is on holiday.

Learning has changed in recent times, due to the discovery of covid19 virus, schools and other Institution are force to shut down, in other to stop the spread of this communicable virus from one person to another.

Though Institution-based education is still in place. Now, there is more focus than ever on learning at home, continuing education and using the internet apps as a vital learning tools for kids.

Based on this educational difficulty cause by covid19 virus, we went on research and come up with "best free learning apps for kids" that we ease their learning process.

Whether your kids are in kindergarten, nursery or primary school, this are  free learning apps for them, no matter  what they are interested in learning. which of the following websites provides free learning content and apps for online courses? Check the list out and which best suits your need.

Best Free Learning Apps for Kids that Will Engaged Them.

1. ABCmouse

ABCmouse is a free learning app for kids, from two to eight years old. It also includes a full curriculum for math, art, music, reading and other subjects.

Some of the attributes include a metric ton of fun activities, the ability to track and re-track progress, and it's actually pretty good for home-schooled kids.

Its available as an app and as a website. It uses fun storyline videos, quizzes, and activities - there's even a virtual map that describes your child's learning path to keep kids engaged.
Download ABCmouse app

Android version

IOS version

2. Duolingo

If you are looking for an easy way to teach your kids foreign language, Duolingo free learning app for kids, is one of the best options.

This app provides kids with a variety of languages including Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish and even English. Completely free to download and use, Duolingo has no hidden costs and the in-app purchases remain optional.

Moreover, this free language learning apps for kids is incredibly effective and fun to use.
Download Duolingo app

Android version

IOS version

3. Epic

Kids can access Epic's high-quality digital library anytime, anywhere with over 40,000 books, read aloud and audiobooks, videos and more, on all devices.

Teachers can track the progress of there pupil through this best free learning app for kids.

This learning app is a perfect way to read wherever your device goes, and it's great for families with  kids of different age.
Download Epic app

Android version

IOS version

4. Dragonbox

The DragonBox series is a set of  free learning games app for kids, that teaches children the basic skills of math.

There are a total of five free learning apps for kids. A few are about algebra and geometry.

All five deal with numbers to some extent. Mathematics gives people a lot of problems, so it can be good to start young when teaching these concepts.

All five games require a prepayment, but none of them have in-app purchases. It's a good little series to check out.
Download dragonbox app

Android version

5. YouTube kids

YouTube Kids is a spin-off from the traditional YouTube application created and compiled especially for children.

 This best free learning app for kids, has educational videos, entertainment content and more specially chosen for young minds.

It's not available everywhere, but the regular YouTube app has the same content, you just have to search harder to find it.

 YouTube is a great platform for just about anything, and it's a good thing for parent to guard their kids, on how to use it early.

YouTube is   still working to ensure that content is child-friendly. It is not a big problem, but something to watch out for. It is one of the better learning apps for kids!
Download YouTube kids app

Android version

ISO version


Learning is fun, when using the right educational app. This best free learning apps for kids, offers many benefits to pupil in the education sector.

Kids are more driven to use a mobile phone for any purpose, so  learning apps are the perfect way to attract kids attention to learning and improve their skills.

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